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Become a Precinct Official

Voting is an opportunity afforded to all citizens in Transylvania County. Would you like to do more? Fill out a request form to start the process of becoming an Election Official!

We're always looking for precinct officials and early voting workers for each election!

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Student Election Assistants

In 2003, the North Carolina General Assembly passed a law allowing high school students to work in the polls on election day. Student Election Assistants carry some of the same responsibilities as election officials, and are compensated in the same way.

To qualify, the applicant must be

  • a U.S. citizen who will be at least 17 years old by election day
  • a resident of the county where they wish to serve
  • in good academic standing with the school where they are enrolled
  • have permission from a parent (or guardian/legal custodian)
  • approval from their school principal/director.
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    Join a Multipartisan Assitance Team (MAT)

    An impartial team called a "Multipartisan Assiantance Team (MAT) provides assistance to voters in our county by helping them to request and cast their mail-in absentee ballots! These teams visit facilities, such as nursing homes, to provide assistance to voters who may not have a near relative or guardian nearby. The MAT is comprised of, at minimum, two voters who are affiliated with different political parties.

    Conduct A Voter Registration Drive

    Help your community get registered to vote for upcoming elections by conducting a voter drive! We provide the forms and information for how to complete the forms and when they should be returned. You can pick up your forms at our office.

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